February 11, 2014

You Can Never Get Sick of Apple Pie, Especially at The Pie Hole

I've been in a pie mood lately. The other day I scarfed down two slices (well, I shared them with Rochelle) of pie from Apple Pan, which has some of my favorite pies in the city. Not because they're perfect - hardly so. They're not cheap by any means, and they're annoying tough to get unless you go there early in the day as they tend to sell out. No, that almost crunchy, thin crust made mostly from flour and shortening is decidedly old school, but they've really got the whole rich versus sweet balance down, and it makes every single one of their pies, from the cherry cream to the banana cream to the pumpkin pie, all extremely delectable. On top of that, the whole pies are only $20 bucks or so, making a great thing to take to a dinner party.

But this pie is another specimen altogether. The double-crusted apple pie from The Pie Hole is stellar in a number of ways. First, the crusts are buttery and flakey, the Platonic ideal of what an apple pie should be. On top of that they cover the top with sugar and brulee the darn thing so it's caramelized, crunchy, and freaking sweet. The apples themselves are thinly slices and seasoned with just enough cinnamon to give them character. Wide a dollop of fresh whipped cream (the real stuff), it's possibly the best Sunday afternoon snack ever. On top of that, the Arts District is quite the scene on the weekends, the perfect place to feel like a hipster even though you're not really one anymore. My pants are just not tight enough, sadly. I have that pie to thank.

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

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Sharon Graves said...

I am an undying fan of the Pie Hole ever since this visit, but I have been too obsessed with the maple buttermilk to consider the apple. My bad.