January 15, 2013

Quick thought on why young people like dining out

The New York Times posted an article today about why young people spend all their money on eating good food. It's because we want to have good memories of eating out and enjoying our youth. Apparently in the swell 90's it was easy enough to this with $11 bottles of Kendall Jackson wine in $1,200 apartments in Manhattan. Well, the world isn't as cheap any more and the hipsterification of food has resulted in, well, food being the new thing in which young people love to waste what little money they've earned post-college. But what the writer really missed was not so much how a show like Girls is reflecting this trend, but rather Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the rest of social media is propagating this lifestyle.

Social media is equally about "sharing" what one is doing versus "boasting" about one is doing. There should be a boast button on these types of outlets, because that's pretty much what it is. I think I would dread having to, you know, grow up, like get married and have kids and stuff like that because that would mean less opportunities to boast. It's quite terrible. I know several people tweeted or Facebook updated their meals last night, and it caused a flurry of reaction and activity. Young people don't want to feel left out of this kind of enjoyment, so they'll throw out the big bucks while they have disposable incomes. Once things like bills, car payments, diapers, and mortgage payments roll around, we won't have the hundreds of dollars a month to spend on lavish meals. I'll think twice the next time I tell people about my ridiculous meals on Twitter or Instagram. And then, I'll still post because everyone does.

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ila said...

so spot on about the doing-it-while-you-have-disposable-income!!! we reduced our dining out significantly since we started trying for a baby (and i started working in the kitchen, which slashed my pay to about half of what i used to make). but i live vicariously through you guys!