July 13, 2011

Jun Won gets the LA Times treatment

Nice piece by Linda Burum in the Los Angeles Times Food Section for Jun Won. Linda goes through most of the dishes, some of which I've gotten to try during subsequent trips since my first visit. Jun Won is truly a special restaurant, with a commitment to quality ingredients in a Koreatown restaurant landscape of BBQ joints. If you have a small gang, get the bossam with oysters and any one of the "steamed fish" joorim. My favorite of their offerings is the goh dong oh joorim, which on the menu is "mackerel."


Joshua Lurie said...

Great panchan, some of the best I've had. The pickled eggplant and pork-stuffed, egg-battered pepper were my favorites. Good fish dishes, and I even liked the bean curd casserole, so the place must be good.

glutster said...

I think this is where I went with Neil to have dinner before he left to NY! Crazy! Yup, the place was awesome :)