January 20, 2011

Gold Standard, Third Edition - March 6th - Petersen Auto Museum

Get your Gold (Jonathan) on at the Third Annual Gold Standard event this year on Sunday, March 6th. Ever get overwhelmed with these "roving food events" as I like to call them? Well I would say that most of them are completely overblown and useless - most of the time you end up with about 5 of the same dishes but slightly redone by a whole bunch of name-brand chefs who aren't always at their booths cooking. There are a few events that I like, namely Starchefs at the Fairmont, Taste of the Nation in Culver City, and Angeleno Magazine's Chefs Night Out.

Gold Standard does have a few interesting tweaks to it - instead of focusing on big-time chefs and their accompanying (or upcoming) restaurants, Mr. Gold himself handpicks a number of ethnic standouts and blue-chip restaurants that are worthy of his endorsement. The first year at Smashbox Studios was a relative disaster, but I heard last year's was done much better. And they're using the same venue as they did last year - the Petersen Auto Museum on La Brea and Wilshire.

A few of the places I'm excited to see in this year's lineup of the Gold Standard:

A Frame - great food and good prices in a cool, hip atmosphere. Roy Choi gets it done again here.

Manila Machine - honestly, it's the best food truck in the city, so it's no surprise to see them here.

Park's BBQ - if they do a repeat of the kimchi and bulgogi that they did at the Korean BBQ Festival in Koreatown, then you'll have a winner. Park's is one of the best Korean barbeques in the city.

La Casita Mexicana - my favorite overall Mexican restaurant in the city, plus you'll probably run into chefs Jaime and Ramiro, who are incredibly gracious.

Another kicker for this year is that you'll get to taste up 30 wines selected by the Wine House. While I don't use Wine House as my primary wine shop (that's Silver Lake Wine, for reference), Wine House still has a slew of decent wines at good prices (although you'll have to fish around their massive space). What better way to feast on Mr. Gold's select restaurants than with so many wine choices? If you're not into wine then you'll have Bulleit Bourbon or Opulent Vodka to sip as well.

If you're lucky enough to nab a ticket ($60, which went on sale today), then you'll gain entry from 1PM to 5PM (best go early for the best choices because the best eateries tend to run out of food). If you're really hardcore, then you can just purchase the VIP tickets ($80), then you can get in at 12PM, a full hour early (plus a swag bag!). That should be enough time for you to get first dibs.

Get your tickets at www.laweekly.com/goldstandard

A portion of the proceeds will go toward Heal the Bay.


Burp and Slurp~! said...

Is Mr. Gold gonna be there? He's my idol. I also want his job.

Rachel said...

Shit, the VIP tickets sold out already! I saw this in the LA weekly, a much better lineup than the LA Magazine Foodie Event this past fall; when the best dishes are chocolate truffles, you know you're probably in trouble.