August 06, 2010

A Scene from Intelligentsia Pasadena

I'll have to be brief, but here's a snap I took of two lucky people trying Intelligentsia Pasadena for the first time. It's already one of my favorite places in the city, if only because it shines so much brighter than anything along Colorado Blvd. in Old Pasadena. I'm looking forward to their incredible, market-fresh and local ingredient-based menu from Matthew Poley of Heirloom LA. I'm also excited for the beer and wine selections that will be put together by Matthew Kaner, manager of Bar Covell. But the bedrock of this restaurant will be the stellar coffee, Intelligentsia, which I am convinced makes the best coffee in the country. I've toured their local roasting facility. I've spoken with many of their employees. They are committed to not only producing the best coffee available, but also brewing and serving it in such a way that customers will expand their knowledge.

I'll have a full review of Intelligentsia Pasadena coming soon, but until then, enjoy this photo. You can read reviews from Joshua Lurie on Feast NBC Los Angeles, Betty Hallock on LA Times' Daily Dish, and Fiona Chandra on Gourmet Pigs.

betty and HC at coffee counter

Intelligentsia Pasadena
55 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA


glutster said...

nice dude. thanks for posting and letting me know that this extension is finally open.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Like the Pasadena Arroye Pkway Whole Foods is like one of the Flagships of WF, this Pasadena Intelligentsia is their main coffeehouse outside of Illinois!

Now, if only I was more motivated to visit Old Town compared to the resta of Pas!