October 05, 2009

Taittinger Dinner at Fraiche and Riva - Monday & Tuesday, Oct 5th and 6th

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you would know that I don't normally endorse so-called food or wine events which occur several times a week at numerous LA restaurants. I leave those to my fellow bloggers such as FoodGPS, Caroline on Crack, LA-OC Foodventures, and Gourmet Pigs. However, this was a rare opportunity for me, and because I'm unable to go to this event (being that I am in Japan at the moment), I'd love to encourage you to consider this event.

Among all beverages, champagne is at the top, or very near the top, of my list. I love the color, the shape and sizzle of the bubbles, the toasty or buttery aromas. I love champagne because it's about celebration and joy, good for any occasion. And most of all, I love Taittinger. Of course I was smitten when I saw the lovely Audrey Tautou pronouncing the name in Hors de Prix (Priceless), a film set in Monte Carlo. Taittinger is a famous champagne producer who's hosting two dinners at Fraiche and Riva, on consecutive evenings. With your multi-course dinner, you get a variety of different Taittinger champagnes. You will have an extremely rare opportunity to try six of their champagnes, including the legendary "Comte de Champagnes". All this for less than half the price of one bottle alone.

You can see the menus below:

Monday, Oct 5th, 2009
Fraiche (310) 839-6800

1st Course
Ocetra Caviar on a Blini
Taittinger Nocturne

2nd Course
Testa Rossa with Mache
Taittinger La Francaise

3rd Course
Lobster with Risotto
Taittinger Prelude

4th Course
Sweetbread with Summer Truffle
Taittinger Millesime 2002

5th Course
Rack of Lamb with Gratin Dauphinois
Taittinger Prestige Rose

Cheese Course
Brillat Savarin

Seventh Course
Cantaloupe Soup
Mint-Basil Puree, Lemon Sorbet

Final Course
White Chocolate Mousse
Sicilian Pistachios, Strawberry Sorbet
Taittinger Comtes de Champagne (Blanc de Blancs)

Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2009
Riva (310) 451-7482


Soft Scrambled Eggs with Caviar
Taittinger La Francaise

Hamachi Parfait
Avocado, Cucumber, Champagne Sabayon
Taittinger Prelude

Seared Scallop
Celery Root, Lemon Brown Butter
Taittinger Millesime 2002

Quail in Two Parts
Crispy Legs and Fig Stuffed Breast with Onion Soubise
Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

Pork Loin Roasted in the Wood Fire Oven
Orange Juice Braised Apples, Cabbage
Taittinger Prestige Rose

Vanilla Mascarpone, Almond Cake
Strawberries, Cacao Sorbet
Taittinger Nocturne


Pierre Taittinger himself will be at Fraiche tonight. Each meal is $150, before tax and tip. If you got a quarterly bonus, or just landed a top position, or just feel like getting some delicious food with some extraordinary champagne, do me a favor and indulge. I wish I could be there...make me envious.


Diana said...

I've been to Fraiche several times, and enjoyed two different wine and food pairing events at Riva. On all these occasions, everything was, for the most part, flawless. Service is impeccable, food is equally impressive, and the wine pours are generous. Totally worthy it.

RCakeWalk said...

Totally one of my most favorite images ever, that Taittinger poster...