October 21, 2009

FoodGPS & Eating L.A. present: Bike Bender #2 in East Hollywood on October 25th

If you've seen this announcement before, please read this version. I've peppered in my own comments :)

If you missed Bike Bender #1 in May, that was a big mistake. I was one of those people who made this mistake since I had previously made engagements, but I did pick up that last part of the Bender through the Eastside at Verdugo Bar. Though I wno't be in LA this coming Saturday, you all have an opportunity to make amends when Pat Saperstein of Eating L.A. and Josh Lurie of FoodGPS co-host Bike Bender #2 on Sunday, October 25, in East Hollywood.

They're planing to ride through E-Ho (I'm not as fond of this name) in an effort to showcase the neighborhood’s culinary range, both indoors and out. Knowing Josh's and Pat's knowledge of the area, you'll be in for a number of culinary finds and treats. East Hollywood is a burgeoning hipster neighborhood where ethnic communities, hardcore bike-riders, and starving (well supposedly) artists converge in low-rent districts and superb eating. My favorite ice cream shop in the world is located here, so expect a visit there (though no guarantees, I don't know what's on the schedule). Like the first bender, I'm quite certain that you'll be able to experience things that you'll never be able to do otherwise, since they usually make arrangements with each spot.

Bike Bender #2 will convene at 12:45 PM outside the Vermont/Sunset Red Line stop. Our bike tour will include at least four stops and culminate with a flight of four beers at Blue Palms Brewhouse, one of L.A.’s leading beer bars.

The tour costs $28 per person (very modest if you consider all the great food you're going to eat), which covers food at each stop and beer at Blue Palms Brewhouse, plus tax and tip (I'd bring like $15-20 for T/T). If you want additional food at any of our casual, low-priced options, you’re welcome to order it. At this stage, they're not sharing the specific spots, but these are all places that Pat and Josh have been to and recommend. Email Josh Lurie at joshua AT foodgps DOT com if you want more info. This is a fairly short and easy ride, only about five miles. It is over 21 since the beer is included, and is better suited to omnivores.

Space is limited, so RESERVE NOW USING PAYPAL (click on the link toward the bottom of the post).


Joshua Lurie said...

Thanks for the great write-up. I guess I wasn't clear enough in the announcement. Tax and tip are included.

Stephanie - Wasabimon.com said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I were closer...