August 14, 2009

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I'm currently the Associate Editor of Eater LA, and an occasional contributor to Eater Vegas and Eater National. Find my work here. Contact me at mattatouille @ or kang @

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teddy gorey said...

Re: Your article: Best 10 Korean BBQ's in L.A. Thanks for your high praise and we do have the best daechang. Large intestines and quality tongue. The large intestines are in their special marinade. Simply really good...

These days Star King Korean BBQ is known for being the only BBQ to serve Certified Piedmontese beef Tomahawk, Steak Tartare, Ribeye, Brisket and Short Ribs. the humanely- raised domestic Piedmontese beef at StarKing BBQ is densely textured and more flavorful than Black Angus, (less sweet and less fatty), and as buttery as Kobe (without the filmy taste). These former beloved work animals have developed efficient extra muscle mass for leaner, tender and juicier meat, high in protein and the “good” Omega 3 Fatty Acid, but without the standard fatty marbling. (www.starkingbbqcom)