March 27, 2009

Extreme Eating: Kicking the Habit

whole pizza from brownstone
No more of this! But if you're interesting, this is a really good half sausage, half meatball pizza from Brownstone Pizzeria in Eagle Rock

My girlfriend is starting to tell me that she's concerned about what I eat on a daily basis. Okay, that's understandable. I need to be healthy. I want to live long. I don't want to be overweight and unable to move by the time I'm 30.

So, I'm contemplating a number of options, mostly in an effort to dispel either their efficacy or their purported enjoyment. First up, vegetarian food. I don't want to call this a diet. I'm calling it a "period of consuming only that which does not have legs or breathes oxygen." It's an experiment to see if I can truly enjoy what I'm eating without eating meat.

Next up will be veganism. This evil twin brother of vegetarianism suggests that it's morally wrong to be eating not only animals, but any products from animals like cheese or honey (Occam's razor suggests that the simple notion is idiotic). This is much more difficult to keep because only a small handful of places really adhere to serving true vegan food.

Third would be a low-carb diet. Easily the most influential diet fad in the last decade, I'll be kicking out all carbs (or at least carb-rich foods). This might be more difficult than the vegan effort because I love my bread, pasta, pizza, and burgers.

Fourth, the "Jared" diet. Basically eat as much Subway as humanly possible and see how long I can go. A nice benefit to this would be that I can save "buckets" of money because these puppies are a mere $5 a footlong sandwich. Of course, I would only consume a 6 inch sandwich at a time (with at least four hours in between each).

Lastly, the Lean Cuisine diet. You may know that more than anything, I am completely against frozen food and especially frozen TV dinners (frozen peas and corn is great!). My friend Napkin seems to think that these things are actuall delicious and nutritous so I would try eating these meals every day. This is REALLY cheap, as most of the major supermarkets are selling these for a few bucks a piece.

I'm wondering which one of these I should do and how long I would last with each one. I would pair all this with working out and running of course, because that's all part of being healthy. Also, very minimal drinking, maybe one drink every few nights - that's it. They don't call 'em beer bellies for nothing!

What do you think? (I know I'm going to get an earfull from Josh)


No said...

hmmm... i am not a huge of diets... I eat lean cuisine just because I can keep track of my calorie intake and it's easy.

I am a true believer that diets do not work what so ever. When you do go on diets, you just wait til you can gorge yourself.

What I'd recommend is just watching what you eat and finding a sport you love. For instance, I try not to have pizza. Also when i do indulge, I know there are consequences... like i have to work out for an extra hour.

Just remember, calorie in, calorie out

mattatouille said...

You're right, Mr (or Miss) No. I don't like diets either and I don't think they work. I'm trying to get used to a workout regimen so we'll see where that takes me. It'll be a while til I see results though, unless I can do it more frequently. Good points you make though.

choisauce said...

I second all of the points mr/miss no made but u already knew that =P

ur status says ur jogging right now. Im so proud! :D I can see ur efforts, especially abstaining (like the late night enfrijolada @ river last night) ur doing great! we can do it!!!

ur #1 cheerleader

H. C. said...

I am not a big fan of diets either since it implies going back to the old ways once hitting the goal weight, which perpetuates the cycle all over again.

I tend to keep my splurges to about 3 meals a week, and pretty much eating light the rest of the time (veggie and grain heavy, using meats and fats sparingly as accents rather than the focus).

And I do a variety of workouts to keep it interesting and so I don't get bored and fall off the wagon (a mix of jogging, cardio-kickbox, weight-training, dance, yoga and pilates). I find that signing up for recreational classes really help keep you on-schedule on track (esp. at beginning of the week, which kind of sets the mood for the rest of the days.)

In any case, just keep at it and don't give up. It's possible to be fit and a foodie at the same time ;)

Food GPS said...

Those are all terrible options for somebody who enjoys food. There's another option - moderation - but it's hard for me to recommend a word that's no longer in my vocabulary. Also, if you run for at least a half-hour 4-5 times a week, your body should be able to better withstand the caloric onslaught. No land-based exercise can match running's impact.

mattatouille said...

No (uh don't hide Napkin): Yeah, I need to realize that I should equal my eating with commensurate exercise

choisauce: i need to hit the treadmills (or the streets again). Was good over the weekend

HC: I gotta say you look pretty fit considering how much you probably eat, but I do know that you eat moderately overall. Good job of keeping fit, that's admirable.

Josh: Moderation's a tough thing and definitely a moving target. I'm setting myself up to run for at least 30 minutes a day (or 4-5 times a week) to counter the caloric intake.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Don't Do It!!! Go on a crazy diet, I mean:). Eating healthy is quite time consuming (making sure to keep portions in check, subbing whole wheat pasta for white, etc) but it's worth it to be able to eat what you want. Eating out is hard...but I guess it's just a pleasure I can't give up so I try to watch it. Personally I find limiting my wine intake the most difficult, ha.

The Jared Diet will probably get old really quickly, and you'll retain so much water from all the sodium from the Lean Cuisine diet that you won't feel like you lost any weight at all, har. I think it's fun to play around with vegan or veggie versions of food, but it's hard to consume enough protein and avoid loading up on carbs. THat said, my worst nightmare is the low carb diet. We're Asian, rememba? Can't Live Without Rice. I was probably Italian in a past life since I can't live without pasta either. Believe it or not, eating cheese day after day gets old.

Yes, I speak from experience, dear Matatouille. Although there are days I loathe the treadmill I guess I have to balance out the eating with movement. And that's the ticket!

Love your blog!